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Source #2. Lawn Care & Maintenance
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2. Lawn Care & Maintenance:


A source for Lawn Care & Maintenance water can be developed by collecting rainwater and household Grey Water.  This is legal in the State of Georgia and many other states. (Contact Dad's Septic for local codes or more information.)


Collecting Rainwater and Grey Water throughout the year by storing the water below ground to be used for protecting one’s investment in lawn care:


 “Weather it is just new sod or trees worth thousands of dollars, your lawn can be destroyed by one single drought!  This can easily be prevented today by using your gutters to collect the rain water and by using your plumbing to collect the Grey Water being produced by your home.


Your gutters can inexpensively be connected to pipes running underground to a collection pump tank.


Also, every day your home produces grey water from your showers, baths, and sinks (with the exception of the Kitchen Sink.)  This water normally goes to waste as it is flushed into the septic system.  This water can back up your septic system therefore channeling this water into a separate container for storage can actually help your Septic System, thus saving you time and trouble!


Re-plumbing one’s home in order to channel the grey water into a storage container can be in-expensive and very worthwhile in the long run.


In either of these two cases above, the pump tank can then be used to collect and store the water from both sources and then to supply the sprinkler or drip emitter system that is used to water your lawn, nursery or other investment.