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Overall Rating - 89% of 92+ Consumers, who have actually used Dad's Septic and Well Service, say that they would use or recommend us again!
"While it is impossible to please everyone - all the time - we try our very best!"
 The overall percentage of those who would use a service again is the best indicator of a good service company!
Rating: 5 Stars
Provided By: Sabrina S.
City: Jonesboro
Project: Septic System - Repair
I had a septic tank that had just been pumped and the field lines jetted in March 09.  Waste started coming out of the ground again.  Dad's Septic came, assessed, and asked if there were any leaking faucets, toilets, etc.  I said there was a leaking toilet, bathtub, and I recently had the kitchen sink leak repaired.  He said, "I bet you $100 that if you get these leaks fixed, your problem will be solved. Your septic tank and field lines are always over full causing the waste to leak out."  Other companies gave me estimates of over $5,000 just on the phone.  Dad's Septic Tank and Well Pump Service, LLC, is the best. DON'T CHOOSE ANYONE ELSE!
Rating: 5 Stars
Provided By: Vickie E.
City: Stockbridge
Project: Septic System - Repair
The gentlemen that run this company truly care about their customers.  They were fantastic.  they did an excellent job.
Provided By: shelby p.
City: McDonough
Project: Septic Tank - Clean or Pump Out
I told them my problem and they fixed it at a reasonable price.  Plain and simple.  The workers were truthful about what was wrong and what I needed to do.  They weren't trying to make me pay for more than what I needed.
"Please read our independent Service Magic Reviews and see what consumers are saying about their experiences."


Company Rating: Read our Reviews!
4.39 Stars   with a 89% Overall Approval
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"If others have told you that it can't be done...Call Us!"
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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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