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This site begins with Septic 101, which covers Conventional Septic Systems and their components such as the main line, septic tank and field lines. Common system problems like Bio-Mat build-up are also covered along with solutions such as Septic Remediation. Septic 101 introduces the reader to unconventional, alternative or engineered septic systems as well.

Engineered Septic Systems and their components are covered in detail on the
Engineered Septic Page. On this page you will find photos of an Engineered Septic System Installation performed by Dads. This system includes two Aerobic Treatment Units, one Pump Tank, and a Chamber System with several sections. This system also required boring under a parking lot with minimul surface disruption.

The Engineered Septic Page as well as Septic 101 also introduce the Drip Emitter System. This Engineered Septic System has been used to solve some of the most difficult conventional septic problems and can be viewed on the American Perc-Rite Page.

American Perc-Rite page has detailed photos, descriptions and diagrams of the Perc-Rite Drip Emitter System. You may also be interested to find that these hi-tech systems can be used to develop land once thought to be worthless! This means that even desert land can be reclaimed and developed! With modern technology, you can build just about anywhere! In order to do so, you need two things, septic and water.

This brings us to the
Well Page where you will find information on well types and system components. You will also find well drilling and installation photos.

The next page is
Water Solutions, which covers several systems that can be used to provide alternative water sources as well as to conserve water. Among others, this includes a simple two part system in which part one of the system brings in the potable water from a well and the second part of the system collects both the gray water and the rain water for use as the exterior watering source. This system can ensure a water source or a "Plan B" just in case the main water source fails.

Next, the
Water System Maintenance page contains photos of components such as tanks and pumps.

Product page has product photos and information on just some of the products that we offer. Products from all-in-one systems to Lift Stations as well as solutions like Septic Remediation for failing systems.
On the Services page, you will find information covering the services available from pumping and repair to electronic tank location and septic inspection letters.
The Contact page contains information from mailing addresses and phone numbers to our Speed Forms, which can be used to get your request directly to the heads of our Septic and Well Departments!
And last, the About Us page covers the company profile to include the history.

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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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