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Based on numerous 5 Star Ratings and an 89% Overall Approval Rating (Oct 5, 2009), established by 91+ consumers who have actually used this service, our users believe that you have found one of the best Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning and Repair Service in Atlanta, Georgia!

You can verify this for yourself by viewing the latest consumer comments about Dad's Septic and Well Service here: Consumer Reviews

As you probably already know, it is very important to locate a reputable company to service your septic system.

A reputable company is one who has been in business for several years, is State Certified, carries Liability Insurance, provides long term solutions, has good customer reviews, charges a fair price (not the low bidder) and warranties its work!

About the "Low Bidder".

Beware of the low bidder because there is simply no shortage of disreputable, fly-by-night, companies who will quote low prices in order to get your septic tank open.

Once open, much like a shade tree mechanic under your automobile hood, the consumer can be taken advantage of.

Consumer Reviews tell the real story.

Disreputable companies usually do not have reviews for new consumers to see.

And while you can't please everyone all the time, the overall percentage of those who would use the service again is by far the best indicator of a reputable service!

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