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Dad's Hi-Tech Conventional Design

Dad's Hi-Tech Conventional Design
1A. Main Line Clean Out and Back Flow Prevention


The Conventional Septic System can be altered in a way to make it easy to Maintain & Service - by adding clean-outs and occasional professional cleaning such as hydro-jetting to clear the lines and baffle tees of obstructions.
The Bio-Mat problem, which is the single greatest cause of Conventional System Failure, can be prevented by turning the septic system Aerobic.
This is accomplished through the installation of a device called a Remediator, directly into the Septic Tank itself.
The possibility of backing up into the home can be prevented by installing a Back-Flow Prevention Device know as a "Septic Popper".
And with this easy to maintain and service design by Dad's, you will likely be able to enjoy years of proplem free septic service as long as you maintain and service the system to include pumping the tank every 3 to 5 years.
Dad's Hi-Tech Conventional Septic System Design:
1A. Main Line Clean-Out and Back-Flow Prevention Device
The Clean-Out allows access for proper servicing such as Hydro-Jet Cleaning or Snaking of the Main Line. The Back Flow Prevention Device known as a "Septic Popper" will open if your system should back.  Once open, the device will allow the septic to overflow outside rather than inside the home.  This also alerts you to septic system problems as a result.
2A. Septic Tank Remediator
This device is professionally installed into the septic tank and changes the septic tank from anaerobic (with out air) to aerobic (with air). This eliminates the bio-mat problem. If you do not have a bio-mat problem, you can add a Bacteria Suppliment to the Septic Tank in order to ensure proper digestion of the solids.
3A. Field Line Clean-Out and Application Treatment Introduction Point
The clean-out used for maintenance such as hydro jetting but is also the introduction or entry point for applying tretments to your field lines. For example, a chemical treatment can be added to restore the lines when bio-mat growth is occurring.
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