Key West Septic Solutions

Today we can protect the delicate ecosystem in our Florida Keys - by treating our sewage onsite - before it enters the environment.


Treating the sewage can also protect the community because death and bodily injury can result if the sewage enters the local aquifer (drinking water from wells).
Treating Sewage on-site can be accomplished by utilizing environmentally friendly solutions which clean and disperse the septic effluent:
The First System Solution example below is that of a Peat Moss Bio-Filter System, which uses Peat Moss to filter the septic effluent. This system can be used in place of field lines.


The Second Solution is that of a remediation device, which treats the sewage with-in the septic tank with air. Adding air not only treats the sewage making it safer, but this process can rejuvinate failing systems!


The Third System Solution is that of Geo-Textile Sand Filters, which can be used to filter the effluent.