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The Solution

The Problem
The Solution
Engineered System Overview
Septic System Plans
Site Layout
1. The Septic Tanks
Septic Tank Effluent Line
2. Aerobic Treatment Units
3. The Pump Tank
4. The Absorption Area
After Installation Photos


The Solution:

Cutting edge, hi-tech septic systems like aerobic treatment units that clean the effluent (septic wastewater) and chamber systems that disperse the effluent were used in unison along with other measures to solve the complex problem.

At Dad's Septic and Well Service, we specialize in engineered septic solutions and we were privileged to be the one asked to solve this difficult, troublesome and chronic septic problem using the latest in hi-tech septic environmentally-friendly technology. 



(The photo above is of two large Aerobic Treatment Units or "A.T.U.s")


(The photo above is of a section of the Chamber System.)

Please Note: The installation of the engineered system was completed with as little disturbance to the surroundings as possible. 

For example, rather than cutting and digging a trench through the parking lot, the main septic line was put in place under the parking lot using hi-tech boring equipment.

This created no damage to the parking lot, saving time, money and trouble by not digging up the parking lot.


(The photo below is of the parking-lot and the cones mark the line in which the main line will run along under the parking-lot.)



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