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Engineered System Overview

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Engineered System Overview
Septic System Plans
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1. The Septic Tanks
Septic Tank Effluent Line
2. Aerobic Treatment Units
3. The Pump Tank
4. The Absorption Area
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The diagram above is a simplified example of how the system functions.
(This system is a 4 Part Engineered System)
The Main Sewer Lines transport the sewage from the buildings to the Septic Tanks.
The Septic Tank's job is to separate the solids from the liquids. Once separated, the tank holds the solids for digestion and periodic removal.

Septic tanks are called "septic" because they work in an anaerobic state.

The septic wastewater (effluent) then drains or flows (using gravity) through the outlet baffle-tee located, inside the septic tank, and then into the septic tank effluent line.

The Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) add air, supplied by the Air Compressors, to the anaerobic effluent - turning the effluent aerobic so that it is more easily absorbed into the soil.  This also prevents the forming of the bio-mat, which is the cause of most field line problems. 

The Pump Tank pumps the effluent to the Chamber System and is controlled by the Control Panel.


The new technology of "chambers", which replaces conventional field lines, then allows the effluent to disperse and be absorbed by the soil. Chambers allow bottom and side-wall exposure without the hindrance of aggregate fill.


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