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1A. Main Line Clean Out and Back Flow Prevention


The majority of septic systems in the United States are Conventional Septic Systems.
The Conventional Septic System has three main parts or sections and problems associated with each. 
1. The Main Line, which transports the sewage from the house to the septic tank, often becomes clogged by grease and soap from clothes washers among other things.
2. The Septic Tank, which separates the solids from the liquids and holds the solids for digestion, has two baffle tees which often become clogged as well. The bacteria in the tank, which digest the solids, can also fail.
3. The Field Lines can become saturated from bio-mat growth and fail, causing the tank to fill up and back up into the house. Solids from the tank can also enter the field lines when the tank overfills.
Synopsis: Overall, the Conventional System is difficult to Maintain & Service, with out opening the tank, since there is no access to the lines, baffle tees, etc. 
Kitchen Grease and Soap from Clothes Washing Machines among other sources can clogg the lines and baffle tees.
The Conventional System is vulnerable to Bio-Mat Failure and one final problem is that it can also back-up into your home!

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