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"We Want YOU"
to Join the Team!
Dad's Septic and Well Service is actively seeking qualified
 Affiliate Members and Employees
who wish to join our growing company "team" of professionals.
At Dad's we understand that small "Mom and Pop" businesses are having a difficult time right now due to fuel costs.
We realize how difficult it is to do what you do (perform your duties) while trying to advertise in order to line up future jobs - all at the same time!
We also realize that many Hi-Technologies like the new Septic Solutions seem difficult, time consuming and frustrating to learn.
With these reasons in mind, we make the learning process fast and easy with Dad's detailed Technician Training and Certification Process (TTCP).


We are also accepting qualified applicants to become highly trained Well and Septic Technicians.
Well and Septic Technician trainees as well as Affiliates will be throughly trained in the latest advancements in Hi-Tech Septic and Water to include
Dad's "In-House" Technician Training and Certification Process covers both residential and commercial applications from small package solutions (norweco singlair/drip emitter systems) to large commercial units in both package (Fast System) as well as cluster engineered system forms.
Our technicians are each highly trained experts in their specific fields, who follow strict Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality control, and lead the industry when it comes to  implementing new Hi-Tech Water Solutions.
The State Certification Process is also included but is the minimum requirement in order to become a
Dad's "Certified" Technician.
At Dad's, we teach our technicians how to properly install solutions that will last and we refer to this as "Craftsmanship". 
"Detect Failing Systems before you Buy"
There are a great deal of opportunities in the fields of Hi-Tech Septic, Well and Water Solutions.
  The new systems today solve the vast majority of conventional septic, well and water problems.
We invite you to join our team of certified professionals and in return we will provide you with hi-tech training and job leads by utilizing our internet presence to gather leads in your specific area.
This means that affiliates can join from nearly anywhere and these solutions are in demand everywhere!
Contact us today for more information.
"We attack Problems with Crafted Solutions that are built to last!" This affords us the ability to warranty our Engineered Systems for 5 Years!


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4.39 Stars   with a 89% Overall Approval
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"If others have told you that it can't be done...Call Us!"
(770) 692-0202


New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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