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Please Note: The Diagram above is a simplified depiction of the system, which actually contains more than one tank and any of several small individual systems working in unison.

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We offer several solutions that can be viewed by using the links below:

Individual Water Solutions are available and can protect families, businesses and landscaping investments from drought.

Among others, these Drought Solutions include a two part system called The M-System, which provides indoor and outdoor water sources.

The first part of the system is an engineered well and water system, which provides potable water (drinking, bathing and clothes washing) to the house.

The second part of the system is an Advanced Waste Water Treatment System, which utilizes two or more separate systems to collect and distribute the rain water, gray water and septic water, produced and collected by the house, to the landscaping areas where most needed.

With this two part system, you can ensure a water supply for your family or business in an emergency and protect your landscaping investment at the same time!

Some homeowners and others have invested thousands of dollars in trees, bushes and other landscaping.

With future droughts expected to worsen, installing this two part system could prove to be the best home improvement and security investment that any home or business owner could make.

Furthermore, there are businesses for example, which use a great deal of water in their operations. These same businesses often have very large roofs and gutter systems that collect and funnel the rain water away from the building.

Once installed, the Advanced Waste Water System can collect and utilize the rain water as well as the gray water and in some cases to replace plant operations not requireing potable water.

And utilizing the septic effluent presently being disposed of to supply your exterior watering irrigation can save a great deal of money over time.

Please Note: Limitations - Regulations concerning utilizing reclaimed water vary from State to State.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.



Rain Water Systems


Water Solutions (Available Systems & Options)
Developing Property where County Water is not available:

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 Spray System Diagram and how it operates:

Gray water recycling gains momentum: Is it safe?
Dad's Answer to the question above:
"Our Engineered Systems clean the effluent (gray or black water) to levels that exceed government standards for safety and satisfy the system's owner - for added protection and peace of mind.
With modern advancements in septic technology like geo-textile sand filters and peat moss systems - to all-in-one units like Norweco's Singulair, a Residential Treatment System, the effluent can be made safe!"

State of Georgia
On-Site Sewage Management Systems Chapter 290-5-26

April 1, 2007 A-1
Rules Of - Department of Human Resources - Public Health

Chapter 290-5-26
On-Site Sewage Management Systems

290-5-26-.02 Definitions

(aa) “Gray Water” means wastewater generated by water-using fixtures and appliances,
excluding water closets, urinals, bidets, kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.

(j) “Black Water” means wastewater generated by water closets, urinals, bidets, kitchen sinks
and garbage disposals.



People die each year from contaminated drinking water, which is often the result of a well or septic system contaminating the drinking water.
For this reason alone, please ensure that all of your well and septic work is performed by a State Certified and experienced professional.


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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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