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Dad's Water Solutions
(Potable and Non-Potable)

We have water solutions that include potable, non-potable and wastewater used for both residential and commercial applications.
Warning! Contaminated Drinking Water Kills! And so we provide free Well Water Testing at this time in the State of Georgia as a public service.
We repair, install, maintain and service water systems both conventional and unconventional or "alternative".

We offer package unit installations from
small residential unit solutions to large community unit solutions.

We at Dad's Septic and Well Service, have the unique ability to task our in-house Engineers to design water "cluster" solutions based on the site specific characteristics encountered.
These solutions can combine both the potable water (well) system and the sewage treatment system (septic).

For example, the M-System Design is an "All-in-One" Water Solution that supplies the community or "individual home" with drinking water, utilizes a gray water system to supply non-potable sources with reclaimed water, collects the waste water in one central treatment system, which cleans the water and then pumps it to the landscaping for exterior irrigation needs.
The latest advancements in Water Technologies not only solve almost all of the problems commonly associated with water and septic systems (Bio-Mat) but they also afford us the opportunity to develop properties once thought to be unable to be developed.
When it comes to solving your problem, we take care of everything from soils analysis to project completion, service and maintenance. 

We stand behind our Engineered Systems by offering a

Quality and "American-Made" Craftsmanship

We can offer a 5 Year No-Failure Warranty on our Engineered System Solutions because quality Craftsmanship goes into our work, thus ensuring that your solution is installed correctly the first time and is built to last!
We have the ability to remotely monitor our systems in order to react to problems before they become apparent or affect the residents. 

And since we utilize only the best products available on the market today for implementing our solutions, as opposed to cutting corners by utilizing less expensive "knock-off brand" products, our prices are often a little higher than our competitors.
  This is because our solutions are
"Made to Last!"

Moreover, there are "Permanent" Solutions (
durable goods) and "Temporary" solutions.

We recommend "Permanent" Solutions largely because, although they cost more in the beginning, permanent solutions save money, stress, labor and much more in the long run by not having to repair or replace the temporary solution previously installed.
Thank you for visiting and please feel free to explore this site and our virtual Laboratory.
Green "Environmentally-Friendly" Water Solutons
"Conserviaton and wise use of our Natural Resources"


"The latest advancements in technology afford us the ability to monitor our systems remotely in order to ensure proper function as well as to identify problems before they adversely effect the system or become noticeable. Just click the picture above for details. And when you call us (770) 302-6865, please be sure to ask about our 5 Year No-Failure Warranty!"

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"If others have told you that it can't be done...Call Us!"
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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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