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Soil Problems?
"If it won't perk - then it won't work - unless you make it Perc-Rite!"
This article contains information & diagrams of both the conventional septic system as well as the unconventional "perc-rite" drip emitter septic system.
Using modern septic technological advancements like drip emitter systems, one can also profit by developing real estate that was previously unable to be developed!
 Read the short article below in order to learn how.



Perc-rite Drip Email Inquiry:
Mr. Wolf,
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! I did have a few questions about the Perc-Rite systems.
First, so far as basic questions go, how would you explain the difference between drip emitter systems and conventional systems to someone who's not familiar with either?
Second, how have they worked out so far? Have homeowner/developer experiences been generally good? Are there any specific issues that homeowners need to be aware of before installing them?
Do they truly make undevelopable land developable? Have you worked with any developers who have used the system to do that? If so, how has it worked out (and if you can perhaps put me in touch with any of them, I would really appreciate it!)?
Let me know what you think. Thanks so much!
Reply from Don Wolf:
It was my pleasure responding to your inquiry.  As to the difference between conventional systems and drip emitter systems, conventional systems use passive technology to transpire waste water (effluent... see Septic 101) into the absorption area.  Drip emitter systems use active means to do the work. They pump the effluent into the ground in the absorption areas.
Drip emitter systems have been around for about twenty years.  They were developed in Israel as a means of reclaiming desert areas using fresh water to provide consistent distribution to water these areas evenly.  Waste water drip systems used this even distribution method to keep the discharge below surface for proper treatment.  We have several communities in the Atlanta, Georgia area that were able to be developed because of this technology. We even have a POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) plant in Cherokee and Forsyth Counties, Georgia using this technology to dispose of their out flows in an environmentally safe manner.
Issues that confront homeowners with these systems are fairly basic.  System service requirements are about the same as but are a bit more critical than conventional systems.
The areas that have been able to be developed through use of these systems are on public record at most of our County Environmental Health offices throughout Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolinas, Texas, and other States.
Don Wolf,
DAD's Septic and Well Service
Resulting Article Septic System Advancements Aid Development:

The Drip-Emitter System is used when the conventional gravity system cannot be used due to poor absorption rates, proximity to subsurface restrictive layers or high water tables.
These systems force the waste water into the soil using pressure! 
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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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