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"No more Water Shortages during Drought Conditions!"

You can now avoid water Restrictions and Fines, Protect your Investment & Save Money by providing your own source of water - for your watering needs!

For example, you can use the water that your home or building already produces. 

In doing so, you will become self-sufficient, thus avoiding local restrictions and fines, protecting your landscaping investment and saving money by not paying a water bill for exterior watering.


Alternative Water Systems and Solutions:

     1. Rain Water System:

Collecting Rain Water is an old idea but using modern technology, you can now use your gutter system to collect the rain water below ground for outdoor use.

This System consists of a collection and a pump tank, which are filled by your gutter system and then power the sprinkler system or drip emitter system.

     2. Gray Water System:

This System collects the Gray Water from your home or building for use as described above with the Rain Water System.  Gray water is the house-hold water without waste.  For example, your sinks (with the exception of the kitchen sink), your showers, bath tubs, and your washing machine are all considered "Gray Water".

The Rain Water System and Gray Water System can both fill the same collection tank and power the same sprinkler or drip emitter system in some cases.

Just one leaky toilet can back-up a septic system so diverting your washing machine and other gray water sources into a separate system can relieve the burden on your septic system.

In the long run, this will save you trouble and money by preventing septic system overloading, thus extending the life of your septic system.

3. Septic Effluent Water System:

This System is legal in the State of Georgia and is a new solution that allows you to water your landscaping utilizing the septic effluent from your septic system.

For example, the septic effluent (black water) normally exits the septic tank and enters the field lines, in a conventional septic system, to be dispersed and absorbed by the soil.

With this System, your septic effluent is collected and then pumped to the drip emitter system for subsurface distribution.

4. Well Water System:

One final option for developing your own self-sufficient water source is to install a well and/or locate a existing well on your property. Click here for more information.

Explore www.DadsSeptic.Net for more information like Septic, Well and Water Solutions or call Don Wolf today at 770 692-0202.

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Please Note: The diagrams below are artistic renderings used to explain the basic idea and do not show the complete system. The system to be installed is designed based on the site specific requirements encountered.



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"Our Engineered Systems clean the effluent (gray or black water) to levels that exceed government standards for safety and satisfy the system's owner - for added protection and peace of mind.
With modern advancements in septic technology like geo-textile sand filters and peat moss systems - to all-in-one units like Norweco's Singulair, a Residential Treatment System, the effluent can be made safe!"
State of Georgia
On-Site Sewage Management Systems Chapter 290-5-26

April 1, 2007 A-1
Rules Of - Department of Human Resources - Public Health

Chapter 290-5-26
On-Site Sewage Management Systems

290-5-26-.02 Definitions

(aa) “Gray Water” means wastewater generated by water-using fixtures and appliances,
excluding water closets, urinals, bidets, kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.

(j) “Black Water” means wastewater generated by water closets, urinals, bidets, kitchen sinks
and garbage disposals.

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New Advancements in Water Systems Technology now afford
 us (about us) the ability to upgrade or install Systems, which operate independently "Off the Grid", so that our systems are not subject to local power outages or water restrictions.

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